Naked Radio


  • Naked Radio
  • Gibson Jingle #2
  • Gibson's Final Jingle
  • Dewey's Jingle
  • Lollipop's Jingle
  • WHLO Old Station Jingle
  • Tradin Time
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  • 1 Woman
  • 2 Men
  • NO ORCHESTRA - The performers need to be players/singers
Naked Radio is not yet available for licensing, but please feel free to contact us and we will let you know as soon as it is available.

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WHLO Radio station is under the ownership of Big Channel Networks (BCN). When BCN took over the station they removed everything; records, tapes, cartridges – everything. Now, all that is left is a big silver box that delivers all of the content. From music, to news, and even weather, the silver box delivers it all and the DJs are nothing more than glorified babysitters for an automated feed. Until… on the eve of a blizzard, they accidentally break the silver box.

Following the rule of ‘no dead air’ Bart and Mike have one horrible old 78 record called the possum trot and a box of musical instruments they find in the back. For the next two days, they turn back the clock and draw the community together with music, jokes, and call-in shows.

Naked Radio is a show written for a cast of three. The two DJs need to be able to play at least a couple of instruments. There is also an amazing role for one woman who plays 13 characters who represent the entire community. (Ideally, this actress is also a musician).

Naked Radio played its first run in the fall of 2017 at Northern Sky Theater in Door County, Wisconsin. Audiences kept growing, laughing, and giving standing ovations throughout the run.