A Cabin With a View


  • M.R.S.
  • Lazy Rapids Ranch
  • Secret Summer Love
  • Wakey-Wakey
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Do the Show

  • 4 Women
  • 3 Men
  • 3 Utility Men (singing trio)
  • Piano
  • Bass
  • Drums

License Inquiry

The year is 1959. The place is the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Lucy Honeychurch recently has been ‘pinned’ by the wealthy young Chip Davis and seems well on her way to the proper degree for a young lady of that era– her M.R.S. Degree.

However, that summer, her Aunt Charlene takes her on a trip out West to the Lazy Rapids Ranch, where she meets George Emerson, a handsome young non-conformist who shakes up her very notion of what to expect out of life. Will she choose the safe and predictable Chip, or the moody and exciting George?

Complete with a rollicking score that ranges from fifties-style girl group tunes to tuneful folk songs and cowboy ballads,  A Cabin with a View is a wonderful new romantic musical comedy adapted from E.M. Forster’s A Room with a View, but with a very American twist.