In These Parts (formerly Main-Travelled Roads)


  • Prologue
  • Small Telegraph Town
  • Creamery Man
  • Yankee Girls
  • You Can't Go Home
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Do the Show

  • 2 Women
  • 2 Men
  • Piano
  • Upright Bass

License Inquiry

Winner, 2007 Richard Rodgers Award

Based on the timeless stories of Hamlin Garland, In These Parts musically weaves together two distinct tales of love, set in the rolling prairies of 1880s Wisconsin. In one story, two young people from different walks of life manage to find each other in an awkwardly funny way. In the other, misunderstanding and jealousy shatter a promising love, possibly never to be repaired.

The stories cleverly combine to form a show that is both tuneful and engaging, and an honest exploration of love, loss and ultimately, redemption. Four actors play 12 roles, presenting an assortment of fascinating characters of the time.